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Why Coding For Kids?

Taking computer science courses online is as effective as conventional face-to-face tutoring. The CodeIsFun proprietary shared whiteboard with integrated audio gives the student an experience equivalent to sitting next to the tutor. Online-based tutoring offers a personalized learning experience to users, and it is proven to be effective.

We provide high-quality tutoring at affordable prices without compromising the quality of the content. We hire only computer science tutors with excellent communication abilities and a proven track record.
We put them on the job only when we are convinced they can understand students and students can understand them. In case a tutor does not work out for a student, we immediately facilitate a tutor change.

We are happy to help you find the right coding coaches for you. Based on your unique requirements, we will find the best coding tutor to achieve your learning goals.

We love to teach learners of all ages. We help children from grades 1 through 12. In addition, we have learners who are at the college level. Adult learners also try online coding courses.

Yes, we work with your schedule to ensure learning is convenient for you. Our coding coaches give us their availability before we match them with students with the same availability.